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Guard Assurance

Fenyx Protective is committed to serving our clients with the highest level of professionalism.

To ensure that we maintain our goal, we implement strategies and procedures in the field. While we pride ourselves on offering an array of security services, we are also happy to provide our clients the confidence in our services that they desire. We use a system in the field that allows our security officers to check-in and report their every movement while on any job site.

The Fenyx Protective reputation is all about reliability.

We have dedicated ourselves to building a security name that is known for its trustworthy service. Therefore, when our guards are in the field, we use our Guard Assurance program to provide the reliable service we are known for. 

We use Guard Assurance to provide:

Real-time tracking of officer movement
Notifications to supervision by any combination of text, email, or phone
Any requested notifications to parties requested by the client
Quick communication with emergency personnel

Our Guard Assurance program is what sets us apart.

Guard Assurance is a proprietary system that we use to monitor officer movements. It was developed to specifically ensure that our clients get the full value and quality service that they pay for. If any security check-points are missed, supervision will be notified. You can trust that when Fenyx Protective is on your security team, your investment is protected.

At Fenyx, we use our Guard Assurance program to provide you with 100% assurance that our security team is effectively securing your investment.

Guard Assurance also allows security officers to alert emergency personnel if necessary. The unique system allows for quick communication and effective connectivity. When you hire Fenyx Protective, you can be sure that we are giving you our very best service.

We want our clients to be confident that Fenyx Protective is providing the quality service we promise.

We don’t just make promises, but we deliver. Guard Assurance gives us the tools we need to give our clients the reassurance they need. We know how significant your investment is to you, and so it is important to us too.

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