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Who Do We Serve?

Whether you are looking for security for a private event or protection for your business, Fenyx Protective is dedicated to serving you. We are a full-service private security firm, and we maintain a medium-sized company to serve our clients best. Our company headquarters is local because we want to be in touch with our clients' needs.

We offer an array of security services.

At Fenyx Protective we maintain professionalism and provide you with a security plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Security isn’t one size fits all. We believe in customizing security plans to meet your specific needs because we know how much you care about your investment.

The Fenyx Protective reputation is all about reliability.


Executive Protection


Condominium & Apartment

Construction Sites-

Complex construction sites


Healthcare Facilities, Retail & Mall, Office Buildings, Hotel Security, Educational Institutions, Convention Centers, Governmental Offices, Factories & Warehouses, Small Business, Loss Prevention


Special Event Security, Convention Centers, Executive Protection, Private Event Security

Security Systems-

Mobile Patrol, Emergency & Alarm Response, Fire Watch, Bike Patrol, Access Control

Your needs are important to us.

We understand that it’s essential to customize a security plan so that it feels right for you and what you need. Whether you are putting on an event and need security to keep it private, or need someone to monitor your business through the evening, you can count on Fenyx Protective.
We are innovative and continually looking for ways to adapt our services to better fit your needs.

At Fenyx Protective, we are uniquely equipped to serve a range of clients.

We have earned our trustworthy reputation because we believe in forming strong partnerships. We never stop working to achieve the highest level of professionalism and our clients know that. If you have a unique security need, you can trust us to provide you with the right services, tailored specifically to you.

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